How to Stop Overeating


OvereatingWhy do some of us always overeat and keep on gaining weight while others stay fit? The scientists from the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, stimulated the feeling of being full in some volunteers while analyzing their brain reaction and noticed that obese people feel full not as often as others, even when their stomachs are actually full.

As it turns out, those people have lower-than-normal blood flow to amygdale, one of the brain structures, and weaker nerve impulses which hand over the information to the brain about being full. Hence the person does not receive the “order” to stop eating in time.

The scientists believe that by influencing some particular brain regions they will be able to control chronic overeating. But for now we should listen to our own body and try to catch the moment when the time comes to set the plate aside; try to do it a little bit earlier than usual and this way you will not overeat for sure!


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