How to Kick the Sugar Habit?


How to Kick the Sugar Habit?It’s no secret sweets are fattening and damage our teeth. In fact, eating lots of sugar is both bad for our looks and health. Here are two ways how you can control your blood sugar level. The first way is a low carb diet based on the consumption of protein rich foods and small amounts of fats. The second way is to choose low GI foods (glycemic index). Actually, GI ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on our blood sugar levels. The higher GI produces considerable changes in our blood glucose. Experts say, however, the second way works mostly for diabetics. Low carb diet is more suitable for those who just want to watch their diet.

How to Quit Sugar?

Inveterate sweet tooth persons can’t imagine how they deny themselves sweets. Of course, it’s not like going through withdrawals. However, you will inevitably experience both physical and psychological discomfort and an urge to have something sweet. Here are some tips for those who want to get rid of sugar addiction. If you do everything right, you can make it within 5 days.

Eat More Oatmeal

As a rule, we consume more sugar for breakfast. It’s a great idea to substitute morning sweets with oatmeal slightly sweetened by raw or unfrozen berries. It also makes a nourishing breakfast, so you won’t feel hungry longer and will eat less than usual during the day.

Have Frequent Small Meals

In theory, this diet plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks during the day. Following this meal schedule, you support normal blood sugar level and fight your sugar addiction.

More Vitamin C

Foods high in vitamin C help lower blood sugar level and cure sugar-related disorders. Eat more apples, oranges and pomegranates; drink fruit juices or just ask your druggist for good vitamins.

More of Natural Food

Sweet tooth person often develops specific eating habits. For example, some have a late-night sweet tooth urge. Figure out the time you need a “sugar fix” and offer yourself a healthier snack – a handful of berries, for example.

Physiologically, it is a good way of adapting your body to reduced sugar consumption. Psychologically, you outwit your own habits.

Give up Coffee

Not only does caffeine invigorate us and increase the blood pressure, but also causes the fluctuations of blood sugar level. What’s more, coffee breaks and tea times “call for” sugar and candies. You don’t need another temptation.