How to Prevent Saggy Breast


The skin is very thin on the breast, making it vulnerable to sunlight, stretching and wrinkles in the neck area. In addition, rapid weight loss causes loss of fat in the area of the chest and, as a result, leads to sagged breast.

Woman with glass of wine

Well-known nutritionists believe that keeping a diet we should by no means forget about the shape of the breast. Therefore they advise not to give up consuming healthy fats contained in olive oil, nuts, and cereals. The personal nutritionist of many celebrities, Fern Braytton, notes that it is necessary to find a balance in the use of such products as meat, oily fish, fruit and vegetables.

They maintain muscle mass and preserve the breast firm and beautiful. Braytton advised the fair sex the natural way of enlarging their breast. In this case, he offered to eat foods that contain phytoestrogens (natural plant hormones which imitate estrogen in the body). While forming the sexual shape of their breast, such international stars as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow use rather expensive procedures of bio-stimulation of the muscles of breast, forcing them to work.

Fern Braytton advises the ladies not to forget about regular trainings three or four times a week. They will be an important factor in the process of weight loss and simultaneous formation of the sexual shape of breast. Combining the right set of exercises and nutrition will help to get the ideal body shape for beach season in a natural way in a matter of four to six weeks. For faster results, the experts advise to use toning cream for the breast. Of course, these creams will not increase breast size, but will significantly tighten the skin, making it smooth and velvety.

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