Gastric Condom Developed


EndoBarrierAn internal condom has nothing to do with contraception. The novelty is designed to reduce the absorption of nutrients in small intestine, thus promoting weight loss. The US-based GI Dynamics has developed a new way to treat obesity which could be cheaper and safe alternative to the current surgical methods of weight reduction.

EndoBarrier is a hollow tube from the elastic polymer, which base is made from nitinol (nickel titanium alloy). The base is fixed in a stomach and EndoBarrier’s polymer sleeve roughly 30 inches in length is unfolded in small intestine to prevent the uptake of nutrients.

Trial studies showed that EndoBarrier was not less effective than stomach bandaging. It is delivered and removed through the mouth by absolutely safe endoscopic procedure. It is also a reversible procedure and its cost is lower than surgical treatment.

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  1. Hopefully, this EndoBarrier doesn’t look like this. I wouldn’t like to have such a thing inside my stomach 😉

  2. that is what it looks like and it has spikes that embed into the intestine walls to keep it in place.

  3. This is the actual promo photo from the site. The spiky metal bits terrify me, but other than that it seems like a great idea. It’s the same as the Alli pill- it just stops your body from absorbing nutrients so you can still eat terribly and lost weight.

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