Excessive Weight Loss Reduces Life by 8 Years


Thin WomanNorwegian scientists have conducted a study on the interconnection of the weight and duration of life. It has occurred, that in 90 percent of cases too little weight and a too thin figure reduce the duration of life by 9 years, while excess weight and obesity reduce life by only 4 years. Obese people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and articular diseases much more often than thin ones. Too thin people are more prone to malignant tumors, stroke and depression. So, it’s very important to be careful with dieting and always know when to stop. It’s better to be more active in sports, than to diet.


  1. This article tells about the fact, that it’s not only obesity and excess weight to contribute to health problems, but also excess weightloss is unhealthy. And this has been found by Norwegian scientists. And it has nothing to do with the fact, that Americans are more often obese than Norwegians.

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