Do Fat-Burning Foods Exist?


It is believed that some foods such as grapefruit and pineapple can burn fat. But is this real? It’s time to learn the whole truth.

Pineapple, grapefruits

Grapefruit does not make you thinner

First, scientists say such magical products that can burn weight simply do not exist. Of course, celebs can tell us how they “sit on grapefruits” and not gain weight, but the “effectiveness” of grapefruit is not in its ability to burn fat: it is useful as a fruit and noting more.

You cannot grow thin by eating pineapple

Next on the list: pineapple is believed to be very useful to the body figure ostensibly because of the content of bromelain enzyme, which breaks down fats directly in the fatty tissues of the body. But in fact, bromelain is involved in the digestion of proteins, and its ability to burn fat by analogy attributed to it is simply a popular rumor.

Bonn soup will not help to lose weight

And finally, the famous “bonn soup” made of celery and cabbage has exactly the same weight losing effect as any other meatless vegetable soup.

Fewer calories – worse mood

The whole magic effect of these and other wonderful products is that they contain few calories. Of course, you will lose weight if you eat mostly low-calorie foods. However, doctors say that with a slender figure you will acquire sluggishness, weakness and apathy.

Be careful: a “magical fat-burning” mechanism can be launched only by a balanced diet combined with regular physical activity.

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