Dark Chocolate Helps Eat Less


Dark ChocolateScientists from the Copenhagen University (Denmark) believe that dark chocolate reduces cravings for “bad” foods. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it also reduces cravings for fat, sweet, and salty foods. As part of the experiment, the scientists monitored the influence of dark and milk chocolate on the organism of young people who did not eat for twelve hours.

Five hours later the participants were given lunch. It turned out that a 100 gram dark chocolate bar not only satisfied hunger, but also lowered the appetite. Milk chocolate, however, did not bring such results. Participants, who ate dark chocolate, went much lighter on their lunch, especially on salty, sweet, and fatty foods. According to the researchers, dark chocolate helps reduce calorie consumption by 15%. So, it’s not a bad idea to eat a piece of dark chocolate before lunch, for example, if you want to eat less.