Bikini Models Make Women Break Diets


Celebrities’ perfect bodies make some women refuse diets. A recent survey shows that after looking at these bodies 62% of women lose their initial determination to get rid of extra pounds.


Every day, glamorous magazines and websites show us perfect bodies of various ages, ranging from Miranda Kerr to Elle Macpherson. These women proudly show their body in a bikini, causing lust in many men and… despair in thousands of women, who are trying to lose extra pounds. After watching these figures, dieting women lose all possible motivation to lose weight.

Psychologists have always believed that beautiful and fit bodies, on the contrary, are a great motivation to lose weight, but it does not seem to be true. As shown by a survey conducted by British sociologists, 62% of women are less aimed at keeping to a diet when they see the celebrities’ slim bodies. 54% are more willing to abandon all diets because they understand that they will never look as good in their life.

57% of the survey participants suffer and complain even if they manage to lose weight because they still think they weigh more than they want. The celebrities, who often force British women to abandon their diet, include the former star of the Coronation Street TV series Michelle Keegan. She is followed by top model Elle Macpherson, who still retains fantastic proportions at the age of 50; one can also name the former wife of Orlando Bloom, an Australian fashion model Miranda Kerr and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
At the same time, 85% of the respondents regularly view beach pictures of celebrities from different sources.