Stylist Speak: How to Get Exactly What You Want from the Hair Salon


If you ask a stylist to reveal what they fear most about a client, many of them would probably say that it is those that come in with no fixed ideas on what they want and invite suggestions as to what to do with their hair.


The reason for this is that despite many customers claiming to be relaxed about how their hair turns out, the reality is often the opposite if they don’t like the result.

Give your stylist calmer nerves and get the hair style you really want by communicating your preferences and as result of speaking up, you should be able to get what you want from the hair salon.

Getting started

Pretty much every stylist at places like Bella Vita Salon and Spa and other professional hair salons, want you to be delighted with how they style your hair and their aim is to build a relationship and dialogue with you, so you return with confidence again in the future.

A good starting point when you first sit down in the chair, is to ensure that your stylist takes the opportunity to see and touch your hair before any scissors are used and even before you have your hair shampooed.
It is really helpful and sometime important for your stylist to get a good look at how you hair looks before any treatment and to check on its growth patterns before getting to work with the scissors.

Be creative with your words

A few extra adjectives can make quite a difference to how your hair style turns out so try to be as specific and creative with your descriptions and preferences, as it helps your stylist understand what you like and dislike more clearly.

Telling a stylist that you really don’t want hard lines or have a preference for soft bangs or strong bangs, will paint a more creative picture for your stylist and give them a greater chance of delivering exactly what you are looking for.

Spill the beans

We are not talking about gossip. It is always better to tell your stylist about any problems you had with your last haircut and also tell them about any styling issues that you experience on a regular basis with your hair.

Tell you stylist about any color or chemical problems that you have had, as they often welcome the feedback so that they can tackle all your hair problems in one go and is a better approach than just asking for more layers because you really want more volume or requesting a darker color because the current color is fading.

Paint the picture

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a magazine or some photos of how you would like your hair to look.
Painting the picture with some snaps is often a great starting point for a stylist and gives them an idea of what colors and textures inspire you, so that they can attempt to create what you want.

A good tip to remember that comes straight from a professional stylist, is to try and avoid making your first appointment with a new stylist on a Saturday.

This is often their busiest day and if you can make it during the week, you might be able to enjoy a bit more time and attention in order to get your hair just the way you want it.

Madeline Stevenson runs a busy beauty salon. She loves sharing the things that work best for her. Look for her posts on many beauty and lifestyle blogs.