Shaving Tips for Women


Although there are many modern epilators and laser hair removal salons, shaving remains the most popular hair removal method among women. How should we do it in order to prevent irritation and ingrown hair. Here are our shaving tips.

Woman shaving legs

Use moisturizing cream at the end of each shaving session

Moisturizing cream will calm the skin down and reduce irritation. Make sure that your moisturizer is fit for your skin type: sensitive, dry, or oily.

Shave in the direction of hair growth

Do not shave against the direction of hair growth. It only seems that it will be more effective that way. In fact, it will only cause unnecessary injuries or discomfort. Shaving should be as soft as possible.

Try different razors

Every razor is different from others. It may have different size, length of handle, number of blades, and ergonomic indicators. You need to find your razor, the one that will cause no unpleasant feelings or discomfort for you.

Shower gel can sometimes replace shaving crème

Some shower gels are so good that they can work perfectly well as shaving creme or gel. There are even 2 in 1 options, which combine shower gel and shaving creme. This is very convenient and makes the process much easier.

Shaving Armpits and Bikini Area

It is not forbidden to pull skin in some hard to access areas, such as armpits and bikini area. This will ensure that hair removal is more thorough.

How to Prevent Pubic Area Cuts and Irritation after Shaving

In addition to other tips and in order to prevent cuts in the pubic area and irritation in the area of armpits and bikini area, it is important that you never dry shave. If the hair is too long there, trim it down to 1 cm before shaving. Once you finish shaving, rinse the area thoroughly and soak it with a clean towel.

Razor must be sharp

It is a misconception that very sharp razors are dangerous. In fact, a dull razor can be more dangerous sometimes, because rather than shaving it can cut the skin. In addition, when the razor is too dull, you often have to shave the same area several times. This inevitably leads to irritation.

Shaving legs in the bath

This method is much more effective and safer than dry shaving. Water helps relax the skin and reduces discomfort.

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