How to Prevent Grey Hair


Aging is a natural process for the human body, as well as greying hair. Unfortunately, no one is immune to this problem. Often, the first grey hairs appear at a young age. How can you slow down the process and enjoy the natural color of your hair much longer?


What Causes Grey Hair?

Before speaking about the measures to be taken, it is important to determine the origin and cause of greying hair. When our hair starts losing its natural pigments – cells called melanocytes – other pigments (mostly grayish-white) become more prominent and eventually fill the entire texture of the hair. Usually, greying is associated with the beginning of aging, but, in fact, there are other reasons: genetics, severe stress, malnutrition and other health problems. However, if you follow a few simple tips, you can slow down the natural process.

Stop Smoking

It is spoken much about the dangers of smoking. It really is harmful to health and is a catalyst for cancer. Smoking is one of the reasons that cause early greying of hair. So if you smoke, try to give up this bad habit as soon as possible. Thus, you will not only avoid unwanted gray hair, but will also save the youthfulness of the skin and the health of the whole body.

Avoid Alcohol, Coffee and Fast Food

In today’s world, these are the most popular products, the love for which often develops into a habit. Large portions of alcohol, caffeine, and unhealthy food are the biggest enemies to our skin and hair. It would be wonderful to give up the harmful products completely. However, if it is difficult, you should at least try to reduce their consumption. Avoid unhealthy foods and replace them with natural healthy products, rich in vitamins.

Stress Management

Stress is a major cause of grey hair. Long periods of nervousness, anxiety, and tension make the hair lose its pigment. So try to get rid of such conditions. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, relaxation, aromatherapy and other soothing activities are very effective against stress.

Sleep Enough

It is very important to sleep sufficiently (7-8 hours per day). This is useful not only for the condition of the hair, but also for the body and skin. So put off all the unfinished business and have a good night’s sleep.

Active Way of Life

In order to keep fit, you need to train intensively. It helps to improve blood circulation, ensure proper blood flow and, consequently, improve the condition of the skin. In this case, you can even do without beauty salons. A passive lifestyle is difficult for keeping fit, even if you stick to a proper diet and refrain from bad habits. It is useful to do regular scalp massage with appropriate oils for better blood flow to the hair follicles. Spend more time outdoors and exercise, then the hair will not turn grey so soon.

Eat Foods Rich in Protein

Proteins are the most important components for the normal production of melanin, which maintains normal hair and skin pigmentation. Try to eat as much food rich in protein as possible, avoiding fatty foods. Turkey, chicken, soy, sprouted whole grains, cereal – all these are excellent sources of healthy protein.

Take Vitamins B

This group of vitamins will help you suspend grey hair. Eat foods rich in vitamins B2, B6, B12. These include whole wheat bread, bananas, cereals, dairy products, eggs, green leafy vegetables, meat, etc.

Take Cuprum, Zinc and Selenium

Copper is a very important element that must be present in the daily diet. Eat more spinach, turnips, beef liver, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, almonds, lentils, seafood and mushrooms, and soon you will notice amazing results.

If the body lacks iodine, hair starts turning grey much faster. In order to avoid this, include fish, spinach, carrots, and bananas into your diet.

Selenium is another important element, the lack of which causes early aging. It is found in fish, shellfish, wheat, corn, soybeans, walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

Drink Indian Gooseberry Juice

If you want even more impressive results, you can buy amla – Indian gooseberry. It is believed to be a great helper in getting rid of grey hair. Rub its juice into head skin for a few weeks. Combine this procedure with a light head massage. This will help restore blood circulation, and your hair will turn grey much slower and will become healthier.

Following all of the above rules will help you prevent grey hair and improve your health. Remember that your health depends on you!