Plastic Surgery Trend 2015: Barbie Back


One of the most popular areas of medicine, plastic surgery, also has its trends. Changing the shape of the breast, nose, lips, or cheekbones are not so popular nowadays. Today, more and more women select the buttocks augmentation procedure, trying to look like Kim Kardashian. But the main 2015 trend is going to be a back, like that of a plastic Barbie doll.


We already know the most important trends of 2015 in the field of fashion and beauty, we know the main color of the coming year, and what beauty products will become must-have things. Now we will find out what will be popular in the field of plastic surgery. However funny it may sound, women want to look like Barbie and are even willing to undergo a surgery for this purpose.

Each Barbie doll has dimples on the lower back; some women also have them, but not everyone. This factor increasingly encourages women to correct the defect of nature and turn to plastic surgeons.


Dr. Mike Comins, who is the leading doctor in the field of VASER liposuction in the UK, explains this phenomenon saying that the lower back has always been one of the most beautiful parts of the female body. It often happens that women first think about the aesthetic surgery of their buttocks. And it is after this procedure that they begin to understand that they want to make their body more perfect.

The doctor believes that the doll’s back will really become a trend in plastic surgeries. To imitate a Barbie back, the doctor removes fat from the lower back and gives it the desired shape using VASER technology – a new kind of liposuction, which works on the basis of ultrasound, takes less time, and requires no anesthetic. During the procedure, the doctor creates V-shape dimples – the same as Barbie has! What would you like to change in yourself in the coming year?