Pills to Prolong the Botox Effect


The American Eden Aesthetics company produces pills that can prolong the effect of Botox injections by 25%. The results have been confirmed by research.

Pills and a glass of water

The pills are called Zytaze. Their main components are zinc and phytase, the substance that increases the absorption of zinc.

To work effectively, botulinum toxins find zinc in human tissues and create a chemical compound with it. The less zinc there is in the tissues, the less visible the Botox effect is.

If zinc is so much required, it might seem that it should be added to the injection itself. However, it has been proved that zinc supplementation is much more effective, and when added to the injection, it is almost useless.

The Eden Aesthetics company conducted a study that resulted in the following conclusion: if you take Zytaze pills 4 days before the Botox injection, the duration of the Botox effect is increased by 25%, and the results of the “injections of youth” are better.