Patients Not Aware of What They Are Injected instead of Botox


Despite the fact that Botox has been used in cosmetic industry for many years, the number of corrective operations caused by unsuccessful injections is constantly growing. This is largely because patients do not know exactly what they are injected.


UK sociologists surveyed 1,500 patients of both sexes who had already done or were going to do Botox injections. It was found that five out of six respondents, or 84% of those who already received injections, did not know exactly what they had been injected. For example, they did not know whether the injection contained Botox or not. This explains why doctors in hospitals are increasingly confronted with people who received bad injections.

10% of the respondents made injections at home or at friends’, but not in clinics. 3% got them at “beauty parties” where everyone could get rid of wrinkles with the help of dubious substances. Naturally, the majority of the respondents did not know whether the person who made Botox injections had adequate medical qualifications for these procedures.

62% of respondents believe that beauty industry in the country is insufficiently regulated. One-third said they felt fear before, during, and after the injection. The survey showed that an average patient who decided to get a Botox injection was about 35-44 years old. 70% of them wanted to look “a little fresher.” Currently, the UK market of non-surgical rejuvenation, including Botox injections and dermal fillers, is estimated at 1.7 billion pounds.