New Technologies: What Can a Plastic Surgeon Do to Your Body?


Plastic surgery is not just breast and lip augmentation. In recent years, this branch of medicine has had significant progress. Today we will tell about 5 new amazing manipulations that plastic surgeons have learned to do to our bodies.


1. Getting a Flat Pubis

If you look closely at the photos of female models in glossy magazines, you can notice an interesting anatomical feature of these ladies. They have virtually no protruding bones at the front of the hip, making their bikini area smooth and tempting.


Of course, in most cases, this result is achieved by processing images in a photo editor – rare women have this body feature, in fact. However, in a world where standards of beauty are set by glossy magazines, there are many women who want to have the same body. Plastic surgeons started performing such transformations with enthusiasm.

More recently, surgeons have begun to remove the girls’ front of the hip bone, smoothing it and making the bikini line abnormally smooth.

2. Creating an Eternal Smile


Statistics shows that smiling people inspire far greater trust in strangers than those who constantly look sullen and gloomy. However, even the brightest and most positive person in the world cannot live with a constant smile on his/her face.

In general, not all sunny people can even smile correctly. In Japan, for example, children are taught this art from an early age. And in South Korea, a particular plastic surgery has become incredibly popular among girls in the last few years, transforming them into Gwynplaine – a person, who is always smiling.

It is worth reminding that the protagonist of the literary work by Victor Hugo had his mouth cut from ear to ear as a child; this was done in order to display the disfigured man at fairs for money. But the Koreans volunteer to undergo a similar procedure. Plastic surgeons cut the corners of the mouth on both sides in a particular way to give the girls an eternal smile after surgery without any effort.

Oddly enough, in the opinion of the Koreans, the “Gwynplaine smile” makes them more similar to European women.

3. Painful Tongue Patch for Weight Loss


In order to lose weight, some people are ready to perform the most incredible tricks and undergo sacrifices. It may seem that the easiest way to lose weight and not gain it in future is to stop eating a lot. However, not everyone is able to accomplish this feat – hunger reduces the sense of will very strongly.

So how do you defeat yourself in the fight against excess weight? A plastic surgeon from Los Angeles Nikolas Chugay came up with a strange technique. He offers the customers to install a special patch on the tongue, which makes eating solid food an incredibly painful process. As a result, the person avoids high-calorie foods for fear of discomfort.

Instead, a person with a patch on the tongue can take liquid food from a special diet, developed by Dr. Chugay. In such a way, the person receives about 800 calories a day, which has a positive effect on the fight against excess weight.

However, such a patch cannot be worn forever. Its action is designed for only one month, after which it must be removed for the implant not to get grown into the tongue. But this period is usually quite enough to lose weight significantly.

4. Nose Job for an Unborn Kid


The baby’s physical appearance results from mixing the genetic characteristics of the parents. It often happens that the prominent features of mom’s or dad’s faces are inherited by their children. It does not always mean hereditary beauty because there can be hereditary malformations as well. As a rule, plastic surgeons struggle with them, when a person reaches the conscious age, but there are also amazing exceptions.

For example, there was an incident that occurred a few years ago in Beverly Hills. A pregnant mother turned to plastic surgeons with a request to make a surgery to her unborn son. The fetal ultrasound had previously showed that the boy would apparently inherit a terribly long nose from one of the parents. So why not save the child from ugliness at an early age?

It was interesting that the doctors agreed to conduct the surgery after some hesitation. They decided that the baby’s environment in the mother’s tummy would have a positive impact on the post-surgery scars, and there would be no traces left by the time of birth.

5. Surgical Voice Change


This is another popular recent cosmetic surgery in South Korea. More and more patients turn to Korean surgeons with a request to change their voice. Someone wants to talk in a manlier manner, while others, on the contrary, prefer a more feminine voice.

Plastic surgeons around the world had performed such transformations even before. However, until recently, these surgeries were in demand mainly among transgender people, who decided to surgically change their gender. But now, ordinary people begin to address doctors with the same request.

Modern plastic surgery allows you to make a huge amount of manipulations with the human voice – it can get a higher or lower pitch, it can gain more bass, or conversely, more voicing; it can become more masculine or more feminine. This whole range of changes is now in demand in South Korea.

Interestingly, in this case, the Koreans also want to be more like Europeans because they believe that their Asian tone of voice is much more sonorous and uglier than that of the Europeans or Americans.

However, the success of plastic surgeons is an integral part of the success of modern medicine in general. It is currently experiencing a new qualitative leap forward. This can be read in our review of the 5 most unusual medical technologies in recent years.