What Makes Mineral Cosmetics So Good for the Skin?


The cosmetics, which contain mineral particles, have become a bestseller! Every self-respecting brand has already managed to produce at least one item with the stones pulverized into powder. What is so good about mineral cosmetics?

Woman Using a Facial Mineral Mask

Mineral Cosmetics – History

In the 1970-s, American plastic surgeons came across the wonderful ability of minerals. It was found that the powder from crushed minerals quickly restored the skin after surgeries and laser polishing and removed redness. It did not cause irritation in any patient, although the skin during this period was extremely sensitive. Today, minerals are widely used in all cosmetic products – from nail polish to hair dyes. The powder contains no perfumes, oils, alcohol, parabens, artificial colors and preservatives. But it has titanium dioxide (it retains skin moisture), boron nitride (makes the skin glow from the inside), diamond powder (prevents skin aging), and aluminosilicates (they soften the skin and make it silky).

Mineral Cosmetics for the Sensitive Skin

Mineral cosmetics have an antiseptic effect and are suitable even for those, who have hypersensitive and problem skin, as all the components of the cosmetics are natural ingredients. For example, zinc oxide is added to such products instead of sun filters, and its ability to reflect sunlight and protect the skin with SPF 15 is the same. Iron oxide is used instead of pigments, which allows you to create a range of different colors as close as possible to the natural hue of the skin.

How Does Mineral Cosmetics Work?

These cosmetic products are universal; they are suitable for all skin types and prevent a lot of problems. Different minerals are very helpful. For example, potassium helps the skin to breathe, saturating it with oxygen; calcium is responsible for the rate of penetration of active substances in the skin cells, and sodium regulates water balance. Modern cosmetology is based on two main mineral components – minerals of volcanic-sedimentary origin (cyanide), which bring all harmful substances to the surface of the skin, and mineral thermal water from natural sources, which has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Minerals perfectly absorb sebum, so this makeup can be used even by the people with oily and problem skin. If we take, for example, face powder, which contains minerals, it will not visually increase wrinkles, clogging them and forming lumps the way traditional powder does. In addition, there is no need to use concealers or correctors before applying it, since it has good covering properties.