Microdermabrasion Made Woman’s Face Hyperpigmented


A 28-year-old girl, once proud of her skin, now curses herself for having decided to go through a rejuvenating procedure called microdermabrasion. After this procedure, her skin began to be covered with spots and exfoliate.


A resident of Belfast, Hannah carefully looked after her skin, buying the best creams and lotions. Hannah was proud that she had got perfect skin from nature, although she was afraid of aging. The girl heard about the existence of the microdermabrasion procedure that was often used when the first wrinkles appeared or for the sake of their prevention. This procedure is aimed at skin resurfacing with the use of alumina microcrystals.

Hannah could not afford to pay for microdermabrasion, until she heard that the procedure was available at the price of just over 200 pounds in one of the beauty clinics. It was more than two times cheaper than the average price. After the procedure, she experienced the complications she had not even thought of.

Once Hannah thought she was lucky to have learned about the discount. Now she has a skin that she cannot call her own skin. She feels unattractive, and it has a negative effect on her confidence; the girl goes out rarely. She even ceased opening the door to her apartment because she finds herself very old and ugly.

Microdermabrasion is one of the safest procedures, but if it is conducted by an inexperienced technician (as it happened in the case of Hannah who was hooked by the “discount”), the results can be disastrous. The girl observed extreme permanent pigmentation of the face, she developed brown spots under the eyes and the skin itself started to peel. To hide it, Hannah had to use a huge amount of makeup. She felt the negative effects of microdermabrasion after the first session, but she decided to go through all six procedures as the beautician assured her that the facial skin would soon look even better than before.