Mesotherapy for Hair Loss


Mesotherapy for hair loss is one of this season’s hottest topics. Anyone goes panicking when encountered with the word baldness! Breastfeeding mothers, stressed out big bosses, office clerks who ate junk food. Many people hope mesotherapy would help them have a nice curly hair. Is this true? Is mesotherapy painful? Is there any alternative to it?


What is mesotherapy for hair loss?

Mesotherapy aims at stimulating hair follicles by injecting vitamins and minerals into scalp. The composition of injections is determined by prior testing which shows what your hair lacks.

Whether it is painful will depend on your personal sensitivity. Experienced users recommend using freeze creams.

How effective is mesotherapy for hair loss?

Experts warn in advance not to expect miracles out of mesotherapy for hair loss. Your curls won’t grow overnight. What it does after a few treatments is thicker underhair and more hair volume. It would happen if the reason for hair fall was the lack of vitamins or minerals.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Typically, hair loses its shine, becomes brittle and falls out due to a set of problems.

  • Stresses. Avoid stresses to avoid hair fall.
  • Pregnancy. Your hormonal profile will recover in six months and your hair start growing again.
  • Drugs. Perhaps you just need find a new drug. Consult your CP on possible adverse effects.
  • Unhealthy eating. Beautiful-looking hair requires a sufficient intake of vitamins A, B5, B6, biotin, selenium, iron, copper, zinc and iodine.
Strict diets, unbalanced eating and junk food are no good for your hair.

Mesotherapy is effective, but before you go to a beauty salon, make sure you first consult with trichologist and establish the reason for hair loss. Probably, you won’t need any injections.

Alternative to mesotherapy for hair loss

  • Healing shampoos for weakened hair enriched with vitamin E and amino acids.
  • Vitamins capsules (applied on the skin).
  • Hair masks.
  • Massage, using hair brush with natural bristles.

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  1. thank you so much , can i perform hair mesotherapy for my self manually or by using the hair roller brush and the exact amounts of vitamins , minoxidil with hair meso therapy protocols
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