Maybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balms


Maybelline New York presents 5 new lip balms called Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balms to help your lips retain their softness and smoothness, even during the cold winter days.

Maybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balms

As you know, the sun rays have a direct impact on the aging processes of our skin. Many people mistakenly believe that the sun can affect us only in summer. This is not true: even in winter you should use makeup with SPF. Knowing it, the experts from Maybelline have created a new lip balm with SPF 20 against the rays of UVA and UVB spectra.

But the real secret of the new balms is in their formula, which includes a special Botanical Cell Renewal Concentrate with Centella asiatica for the renewal of skin cells. The formula contains the extracts of several plants growing in India, Sri Lanka, Australia and some Asian countries. They all help to keep your lips perfectly moisturized.

The composition of the new balms also includes vitamins E and C, natural shea butter, aloe, and camphor.

The brand representatives argue that balms protect the lips during 8 hours after application. Full restoration of the lips will require four weeks of regular use.

Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balms will be available in January 2013.