MAC Cosmetics – Style Warriors Makeup Collection


No one has ever touched the wild side of womanhood the way MAC Cosmetics have done this season. After launching their Style Warriors collection on May 28th, 2009 in North America and in June 2009 on an international platform, MAC is going to rock the world.

MAC Style Warriors

Dear ladies, who always dreamed of becoming Amazon Princess – the new Style Warrior Collection is just meant for you. You will be stunned to see an amazing collection of “Wild” shades of Africa, Amazon and Asia in this exemplary warrior set. The shades that are combined in the Style Warrior Collection from MAC Cosmetics contains visually dramatic and an appealing saga that would charm any onlooker. You will see how daring these colors are which pounce out on the skin of a woman making her look attractive and sensuous in her undefeatable warrior regime.

MAC Style Warriors Makeup

The Style Warriors collection is decked up with all summer shades of bronze for the eyes, lips, cheeks and nails. The cosmetics have golden delicate particles as that of the sunrays which would shine out and bring out the sensuous being in every woman.

MAC Golden Bronze

To add further glamour and respect to the intense wild collection, the cases of each and every cosmetic are specially designed in leopard and zebra prints for not letting the wild woman inside you deviate from her focus.

MAC Eyeshadow Vibrant Grape and Bright Future

MAC Eyeshadow Night Maneuvers and Soft Force

This is a collection, which would make a woman realize her basic instincts to be a winner in any war, hunt down her prey and move ahead with equal poise and grace.

MAC Bronzing Powder

MAC Style Warrior Style Glass

MAC Style Warriors Lipstick

MAC Skinsheen

MAC Nail Lacquer

MAC Lustre Drops

MAC Style Warrior Makeup Collection

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