How to Tackle Your Body Confidence Issues

‘Beauty comes from within’ is a phrase that has a lot of truth to it.


We’ve all met people who appear nice looking on the outside but are just rotten inside. Likewise, we’ve met others who focus first on being good people and feel good about it, regardless of whether their physical features fit their culture’s standards of beauty.

But at the same time, there’s also something to the adage that if we look good on the outside, whether it’s a killer new outfit or even a big, friendly smile, then we’ll feel good inside. And when we feel good inside, it reflects outwardly. And so on and so on.

But we’ll stop the ‘so ons’ just to agree that there are some steps to take to boost your self-confidence in a big way, and often these easy to achieve.

Consider cosmetic surgery

Just because the U.S. medical and insurance system makes it difficult and expensive to receive procedures that aren’t medically necessary, doesn’t mean you can’t find providers to help you look and feel better. Other countries offer first-rate professional and safe procedures that are also dramatically less expensive than their domestic counterparts. Some people even make a tropical vacation out of a foreign surgery destination with companies such as

Get more color

We don’t mean spend hours in the salon tanning bed, although that’s cool if you want to. Anyway, you can soak up healthy endorphins and Vitamin E is a winner – even a walk around the block or an afternoon gardening in the sunshine. You can use suntan lotion to bronze yourself better. You can use sunscreen to keep from avoiding getting the wrong color (sunburn red) but perhaps adding a light brown to your wintry-white skin. Some salons offer easy spray tanning that gives you classy coloring without any rays.

Brighten your choppers

Smoking, coffee, and tea all receive a lot of credit for getting people through the day. But they can take a toll on your teeth over time and can give anyone’s teeth a dull gray or brown look. There is a wide range of options available, from professional whitening in a dentist’s chair for several sessions or plugging in a home kit that’s not unlike a retainer. The results are often impressive – since teeth are the first thing that many people notice when meeting someone new, people’s positive first impression of your pearly whites could lead to a favorable impression of you.

Find fun accessories

Appearing just a little different can let the world see you still follow the rules but on your own terms. You don’t have to get wild and crazy in your attire, although Lady Gaga has found this niche. But you can find a variation that will get people’s attention. When everyone is wearing ball caps, wear a cute sun hat to the beach, or vice versa. If you’re a guy at an office where everyone wears loafers or casual shoes, bring in some class by wearing high-end dress shoes.

Balder may be better

This also depends on who and where, but a clean-shaven man may get some admiring looks, especially when standing next to the trend follower with the big bushy beard. Facial hair has its place and can look good on some, especially when well-managed, but regularly shaving can also show that you care about your appearance and are regularly confident with a razor. Regular grooming of the legs and eyebrows for women also can send self-esteem skyrocketing.

Overall, whether your beauty is due to internal or external efforts, or a combination of both, there’s some simple ways for people to look good and feel good.