How to Make Dirty Hair Look Fresh and Clean


Lets admit it, sometimes it is hard to find time to wash your hair. Some situations simply make it impossible. Yet, nobody likes going in public with dirty, greasy hair. It simply looks bad. So, maybe there is a way to make dirty hair look cleaner.

How to Make Dirty Hair Look Fresh and Clean

Hair Accessories

It is possible to hide dirty hair under a bandana or a scarf. Any hair accessory (hairpin, ribbon, or hair band) will add charm and style to your image and nobody will notice that you have dirty hair.

Put Your Hair up

This advise is for those of you with long hair. Simply make a braid or a pony-tail and your hairdo will never show that your hair has not been washed for a while.

Dry Washing

The best option is dry shampoo. However, if you don’t have it handy, you can use, for example, corn starch. Simply apply some to your hair, the starch will absorb oil and dirt, and thoroughly comb your hair afterwards. Now, you are ready to go for any important meeting. One point to note though- you can safely use baby talcum powder or baking flour as dry shampoo if you have fair or blond hair. However, you cannot use those products if you are an owner of dark hair, since the remains of those products will be visible; brunettes can only use high quality dry shampoo.

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