How to Bleach Your Hair

By Britney Valentine


So blonde hair is a nightmare to maintain. Boy oh boy is it a nightmare. It’s sad but true that bleach wreaks havoc on your hair. Bleach literally strips the pigment from your hair and annihilates any kind of shot at having your hair stay perfectly healthy without having to do some kind of hair care routine in order to make sure it stays healthy. Well, that is… Unless you are lucky and were born with dishwater blonde hair and didn’t need that much dye in order to go lighter.


So the moral of the story is…

Step 1) make sure your hair is healthy enough to bleach

I am so serious about this one. I knew someone who didn’t have healthy hair but decided to bleach their hair anyway. Well, the results were kind of a nightmare. I will never forget my friend’s devastation as she recalled the night when she literally felt her hair fall out in clumps. Bleach can cause breakage, which is not just a myth: this actually CAN happen if your hair isn’t healthy enough to bleach.

Step 2) Figure out the best hair color for your skin

Figuring out the best hair color for your skin is a necessary step before deciding to go ahead and bleach your hair. There are many different types of blonde hair. These range from honey blonde, champagne blonde, platinum blonde, beige blonde, golden blonde… the list goes on. Knowing the best blonde to match your skin is going to help you end up with the right blonde to match you. This can make the difference between looking old, washed out and tired versus vibrant and gorgeous. This is a summary of how to determine your exact skin type and the best hair color for your skin.

Step 3) Invest In A Quality Hair Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment Mask

In order to maintain bleached hair, you need to be prepared: you will not want to be using products containing sulfates, because this strips your hair of its essential oils. Instead, invest in a quality shampoo without sulfates that is going to hydrate your hair. The reason you need to hydrate your hair is to replenish the moisture lost in the bleaching process.

Step 4) Look Into Getting it Done Professionally

Now, I know that some people are able to dye their hair by themselves at home. However, unless you are armed with lots of knowledge about how to bleach your hair at home, I highly recommend going to a professional who knows what they are doing. Doing it by yourself at home can turn into a nightmare. I know someone who did this at home and ended up with ORANGE hair. She had dark hair naturally, and because she was not experienced in bleaching, her hair turned orange. She then decided to over-process her hair by bleaching it AGAIN in the same night! Let’s just say her hair started breaking and she immediately regretted doing it, wishing she went to a professional salon. Even if you just go to a professional salon once, it is worth going your first time because then you can become more educated in the nature of dying your hair lighter.

Step 5) If Your Hair is Very Dark, Do It In Steps

If you have extremely dark hair, you might want to consider going lighter gradually in order to achieve the ideal blonde shade you want. This is going to ensure you don’t damage your hair the way you would if you decided to go from black hair to bright blonde in one process. If you wait a bit in between, you actually allow your hair to relax and heal enough in preparation for the next time you process your hair.

There you go! Here are five key steps in bleaching your hair!

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