Hair Problems & Health


According to experts, changes in hair condition should not be ignored, as they may indicate hidden processes in the body. Paying attention to hair, a person can control his or her health better.


Experts point out that hair loss, dandruff, excessive hair and scalp dryness may indicate serious body malfunctions. Doctors have compiled a list of changes in hair condition that occur because of the improper work of internal organs and systems. It includes the following hair problems:

  • elastic and shiny hair becomes brittle and dull. This change indicates possible problems with the thyroid gland, as well a lack of vitamin A, protein, zinc, and essential fatty acids.
  • hair becomes greasy too quickly. Greasiness is associated with poor performance of the liver, lack of zinc, folic acid, and vitamin B6, experts say.
  • hair looks unkempt and split, despite regular trimming of the ends. This is possible in people with anemia, vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc deficiency.
  • early gray hair. According to doctors, it appears in people with hormonal imbalance.
  • abundant dandruff. This may indicate a fungal infection, a lack of B vitamins and fatty acids.
  • active hair loss. Hair loss is always accompanied by endocrine system diseases, gallbladder problems (cholecystitis) and liver malfunctions.