Getting Ready for the Spring


The new season means new rules of care. Spend the remaining time to prepare for spring.


Lighten your hair

Change red shades of hair into colder and brighter ones. Red pigments are destroyed by sunlight faster than others; they become not so pure and homogeneous. By the middle of spring, the sun will shine rather bright.

It is not necessary to change your hair into blonde; modern dyeing technology offers more forgiving and natural results. You can select highlighting for several strands, or a smooth transition towards a lighter shade than yours. You may also choose Ombre or balayage.

Trim your hair

In spring, hair starts to grow faster. We get rid of caps, and the hair starts to get more oxygen and sun; its growth is activated. So do not be afraid to make your hairstyle shorter.

Again, it is not necessary to resort to drastic changes, especially if you do not plan to. But cutting hair ends for 2-4 cm is a good idea in spring.


After winter, the skin is very pale and dry. If the hair needs a lighter tone, the skin needs a little healthier and more tanned appearance. But do not rush to wash your face in the first rays of the sun. When seasons change, any skin becomes more sensitive, when climate changes it is stressful for the skin. It is better to create a light spring tan using a bronzer powder or bronzer.

Protect yourself

Check your daily products: at least one of them should contain sunscreen information (SPF): it can be foundation, daily moisturizer, or powder. And if your night product includes retinol, this advice is particularly important because Retinol makes the skin sensitive to the sun. This strategy will also protect you from unwanted blemishes and pigmentation.


Exfoliation becomes a more frequent procedure in spring. Get ready for this: have a good scrub or use home remedies. You can have delicate peeling even on a daily basis. And this is important with the coming of spring. The fact is that during the warmer months, metabolism becomes more active, and the skin is updated more rapidly, leading to an abundance of dead cells on the skin surface.

Become brighter

Just as the lights outside change, change your wardrobe. Your face, too, needs new colors. Dramatic shades may not look very harmonious now, it is better to focus on the lighter and brighter colors. This also applies to manicure: pastel, neon, pure shades of nail polish complement the spring image.

Pay more attention to the body

Assess your skin with criticism. Cellulite and rough areas of skin will not disappear by themselves. And it is better to deal with them right now, until you put on sandals and short skirts. As practice shows, it takes up to several weeks. Regular massage with a dry brush or a towel can save the situation because this process activates blood circulation and triggers cell renewal. Perhaps you will not have to rely on radical treatment measures with acids and wraps.