Eye Color Change in Just 20 Seconds


American scientists have come up with a unique process that allows changing the eye color with a laser. After this procedure, people with brown eyes can become blue-eyed.


This new medical procedure can permanently change eye color from brown to blue; it has been developed by the US company Stroma Medical. During this procedure, a laser is used, enabling the doctor to remove brown melanin that is present on the iris surface.

According to one of the founders of the methodology, Dr. Gregg Homer, the fundamental principle of this procedure is that the blue color is always present under the brown eye color. Actually, there is no blue pigmentation in people’s eyes. The only difference between brown and blue eyes is in a very thin layer of pigment on the surface. If you remove the pigment, light may penetrate into the stroma – small fibers which look like bicycle spokes in light. When the light is scattered, it will reflect only shorter waves which are the blue end of the spectrum.

According to the scientist, this effect is similar to the Rayleigh scattering of sunlight in the sky – a natural phenomenon which makes the sky look blue. The company has developed a laser procedure of changing the eye color, which destroys the pigment layer, causing the body to remove the tissue in a natural way. The procedure itself takes only 20 seconds, but the eyes become blue in a few weeks. Currently, the company is working to create a safer, cheaper and more advanced alternative.