Cosmetic Surgery Procedures You Probably Haven’t Heard of


The top 4 cosmetic surgery procedures remain fairly consistent year on year, with more than a quarter of a million women in the US alone getting breast augmentation surgery, almost a quarter of a million undergoing nose reshaping and eyelid surgery, and some 200,000 undergoing liposuction.


These procedures are all pretty familiar to us these days, but don’t think for a minute that plastic surgeons have been resting on their laurels. There are plenty of bizarre cosmetic surgery procedures out there that you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Take calf augmentation for example. This type of procedure has increased in popularity in recent years, with surgeons extracting fat from the calf, often in order for women to avoid so-called ‘boot-bulge’. A calf augmentation costs around $3,249 and, as it typically has no medical value, it is rarely covered by insurance.

Post-Weight-Loss Reconstructive Surgery

Other types of cosmetic procedures that you might be unaware exist include those aimed at reconstruction of the body after massive weight loss. In 2013 in the US, almost 11,000 people underwent breast lifts after losing a significant amount of weight, and around 5,000 people underwent thigh lifts an upper arm lifts for the same reason.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Almost all of these procedures are carried out on women, with men making up a tiny percentage of those seeking cosmetic surgery. One of the notable exceptions is ball ironing, a procedure brought into the public consciousness by an interview Esquire did with George Clooney, who had apparently undergone the procedure that reduces unsightly wrinkles in testicular skin.
Another exception is male breast reduction, a procedure for gynecomastia, which is a condition typically associated with abnormal hormone levels in men. In 2013, the number of such procedures carried out in the US rose by 11%, while other men were paying around $4,505 for pectoral implants.

An Internal Bra – Really?

These kinds of breast reduction and augmentation procedures are pretty much old news in the world of cosmetic surgery, but a new type of surgery is now being marketed towards women. The internal bra is a procedure being offered to women that involves the insertion of hardened silicon cups beneath the breast tissue that are lifted with silk straps and screwed into the rib cage. This might mean no more annoying falling bra straps, but is that really worth going under the knife?


There are so many risks with any surgical procedure that it can sometimes be hard to see why so many people seek out these increasingly bizarre surgeries. Take toe shaving. This elective surgery, uncovered by insurance, has become popular with people who believe that their toes are simply too large. Shortening or lengthening the toes, or injecting fat into the sole of the foot, can alter a person’s natural gait, which has knock on effects for spinal health and overall health.

Why Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Clearly, surgical procedures that enhance the appearance can have fantastic effects on a person’s happiness and health. But, the old adage that just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should, springs to mind though when it comes to tightening the tackle or having fat removed from the calves simply to fit into skinny boots.

The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Any surgery carried out under general anaesthetic poses risks of adverse reactions to the medication, deep vein thrombosis, and all of the other risks of surgery such as blood loss, infection, scarring, loss of nerve function, and even death.
Anyone considering an elective cosmetic surgical procedure should make sure to do their homework and check out the risks of the surgery as well as the success rate and credentials of their surgeon. With the growing interest in these procedures, we can surely expect to start seeing cases filed for medical negligence, following a clumsy calf augmentation or botched ball ironing.