Cheek Augmentation Makes a Woman Look Younger


Lack of wrinkles does not make a woman youthful, if the loses the shape of her cheeks with age. The experts believe that injection of fillers in this area is the recipe that can restore youthfulness.


Some people are lucky since birth because the nature rewards them with the so-called “baby face” and chubby cheeks. It allows them to look young almost till the age of 60 years. However, dermatologists now offer such an opportunity to the patients, who are not so lucky. The surgery, aimed at cheek augmentation, is gaining more and more popularity.

It has been traditionally assumed that a woman can look younger if she evens the wrinkles on her face. Indeed, facelift or Botox injections have certain anti-aging effect, but to many people such faces seem “frozen” or “wax”. To some extent, they do look younger, but they mostly seem unnatural. The injection of cosmetic fillers in the cheeks can help women achieve the most desirable naturalness.

44-year-old New Yorker Christina Conti says her thin face made her look 10 years older. She tried the traditional injection of fillers, but they did not give her any effect. Then her dermatologist made an alternative proposal to undergo cheek augmentation. Christina herself believes it helped her rejuvenate her face “for 15 years”.

According to the doctors, cheeks are the widest part of a young face. With age, they get smaller, and the excess skin is lowered to the jaw line. As a result, the “triangle of youth” is shifted, making jaws the widest part of the face. Cheek augmentation solves this problem. Furthermore, the effect of fillers in the cheeks lasts for about a year, which is longer than in other areas of the face.