Breast Enlargement with Botox


The clinics of plastic surgery offer a new service that is growing in popularity: Botox injections in the pectoral muscles, which are supposed to make the breast one size larger. However, the cost of this procedure is not less than a thousand dollars.


The technology of Botox injections in the breast involves the use of the popular cosmetic filler in the muscles of the front surface of the breast that produces a relaxing effect, forcing the shoulder and the pectoral muscle to take the main burden. As a result, the bust looks more resilient, higher and larger, and breast augmentation can reach an entire bra size.

According to plastic surgeons, this procedure has become particularly popular among celebrities, which resulted in the flow of common customers as well. In the UK, Botox injections in the breast cost thousands of pounds, and the effect of the procedure persists for six months. Patients of beauty clinics especially appreciate the fact that breast augmentation with Botox leaves no scars on the body.

Indeed, these scars have no chance to appear because the traces of Botox injections are practically invisible, whereas in case of normal breast augmentation doctors use a scalpel or implants. This procedure does not require any recovery period, there are no side effects, and it is virtually painless. The duration of treatment is only 30 minutes and is considered ideal for women who suffer from breast ptosis after pregnancy and childbirth, aging processes, or neckline wrinkles caused by excessive sunbathing.