Bodyblender for a Perfect Skin Tone


Summer is coming, which means it is time for new summer products. Here is the summer sensation offered by Beautyblender – a body sponge called Bodyblender! Tanning and moisturizing have now become simple! Bodyblender can be called a good alternative to a tanning mitt. This Bodyblender is suitable not only for bronzers, but for other cosmetic products as well.

Bodyblender is twice the size of the original pink Beautyblender face sponge. It easily fits in your palm, has a flat shape, which makes the sponge easy to apply bronzers, tanning creams, concealers lotions, BB-creams, serums, and shimmers. Bodyblender does not leave streaks, it is perfect!

The sponge is black and easy to wash. In addition, your hands will remain clean with Bodyblender, as you need to apply the cosmetic product directly on the sponge.

Just as the entire line of Beautyblender sponges, it is created from a unique hypoallergenic material that helps to save on makeup products significantly.

Before using, moisten Bodyblender with water and dab with a towel. Then, using the sponge, apply the makeup product on the skin with light patting movements.

To clean the sponge, it is recommended to use BlenderCleanser disinfectants – a gel and a special soap based on natural herbal ingredients. These products will carefully clean the sponge, retaining its shape and color; they are sparingly used and provide much foam. The cleaning gel can also be used to wash makeup brushes.