Beautiful Skin without Surgery


Woman at a Beauty SalonWe all want to have healthy, beautiful skin, but not every girl is bent on surgery. Luckily, elimination of wrinkles, stretch marks, post-operation scars and other defects on skin is now possible not only with help of plastic surgery. Let me tell you about the most effective method of solving cosmetic problems – fractional photothermolysis.

What Is Fractional Photothermolysis for?

Fractional photothermolysis is used for the following purposes:

  • elimination of pigment spots,
  • smoothing of post-operation and traumatic scars,
  • elimination of pitted acne scars,
  • removal of stretch marks,
  • removal of fine wrinkles and smoothing out heavy ones,
  • skin-tightening, including upper and lower lid,
  • recovering skin structure.

How Fractional Photothermolysis Is Used

Laser ray heats not all defected skin area, but only separate microareas. Therefore, plenty of “alive” cells are saved, which results in faster renewal. This point treatment makes this method very effective.

Is Fractional Photothermolysis Painful?

The fractional photothermolysis procedure is painless. At first the skin is cleaned by peeling. The ointment for anesthesia is then applied, and the treatment area is marked using a special dye. Then the necessary zone is covered with cream for laser tip sliding. Right in time of the procedure the surgeon moves the laser on skin in two directions. After the procedure the ointment is washed away, and calming cream is applied.

Advantages of the Method

  • No side effects
  • 100% renewal of the skin happens after 4 or 5 procedures.
  • Short rehabilitation period. The next day you can use cosmetics and skin care products.
  • The cosmeticians claim the effect after the course of fractional photothermolysis lasts up to 5 years.

Contraindications for the Procedure

The main contraindications are: pregnancy, lactation period, acute inflammatory processes in the zone of influence, cancer, endocrine dysfunctions on decompensation stage.


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  2. Does this really work? I may know someone who wants to try this.  This is somehow a greater option for such problems rather than cosmetic surgery.  I think it’s more affordable too. Inventions like this are what we need.

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