Asian Skin Care Tips That Westerners Must Learn


Have you ever wondered how your friends and relatives who live in Asia have managed to keep their skin fresh and luscious? Here are some natural anti-aging secrets that the Asians have cultivated for many years. Take a look at these tips and have a young and vibrant looking skin once again.

Change your Perception About Beauty

In the West, tanned and darker skin is what most people desire to have. Such is the reason why many people go sunbathing, book a session in tanning booths, and apply artificial creams to make their skin darker. However, it is the reverse when you go in the east. Due to different cultural reasons, tanning in the east can be linked to hard labor. When your skin is dark, you are considered to belong in the poor-caste while people with pale skin are associated to be from the upper-middle class.

As such, many of the skin benefits of Asians have enjoyed will be hard for the Westerners to accept. If you are looking for an anti-aging cream for Asian women, change your perception about beauty first. This is true if we still believe in the idea that having darker skin is better. Understanding that having pale skin is beautiful must be the first essential step towards learning how to take care of your skin.

Drink Green Tea Regularly

Green tea brings various health benefits. It contains antioxidants and boosts the health of the drinker. Tea drinking ceremonies are an important event in Japan which shaped their community for many years. As such, it is best to make a pot of green tea each afternoon and drink it. This is a good anchor where you can start embracing the health practices of the Asians.

Keep the Face Away from the Sunlight

The harsh rays of the sun can lead to various skin problems. This includes fine lines, wrinkles, and cancer. Thus, it is important that you avoid the direct heat of the sun. You can do this by wearing big hats, long sleeves, and making use of umbrellas. This has been the way of life in Asia and you can also do the same.

Fresh Fruits as Desserts

Skip the chocolate pudding and ice cream sundae that you have planned for today’s dessert. Head to the grocery store and start buying fresh fruits instead. Select a colorful selection of fruits, chop it, and make a sweet and all-natural dessert for your family. This will give you vitamins which is helpful for the skin and body. In Korea and Japan, it is normal for families to eat fresh fruit for every meal that they have.

Cut Down Dairy Products Intake

Due to historical reasons, the majority of Asians do not eat many dairy products. Be ready to reduce the amount of cheese and milk you consume. This will reduce your fat intake and will make you less full. With this, you can enjoy other beneficial and nutritious foods in the table.

Eat or Drink Ginger

If you are looking for anti-aging products just like the ones Asian women use, you might as well start drinking ginger. Ginger is everywhere in the east and you can find it in teas and soups. This is a wonderful root which offers various benefits to the body. It contains anti-bacterial properties which are also good for the skin.