Abdominoplasty Getting Popular Among Moms


A strong desire to get rid of the “mommy’s belly” after giving birth is the main reason for the popularity of abdominoplasty among American women. Today, an increasing number of people appeal to plastic surgeons.

Female Figure

The Baltimore Sun reports about a resident of Baltimore, who went to the beauty clinic after the birth of four children. Mother of many was tired of having a stomach that resembled “an inflated tire”, so she decided to undergo abdominoplasty to tighten the skin. The lady was so pleased with the results that she spent more money on breast augmentation and liposuction on the sides of her body. Now she proudly tells the reporters that she looks much better than at the age of 19.

The president-elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Robert Murphy, says abdominoplasty and similar procedures have become much better accepted by society, which explains an increase in their popularity. Today, these procedures are called mommy makeover in the U.S.

The Society has recorded a 35% growth in the demand for breast augmentation in the past 10 years, lifting of the breast has become 69% more popular, and abdominoplasty has got 70% more clients. In many ways, this growth is due to the beauty clinic appeals from young mothers, who cannot get rid of some unpleasant external changes that have occurred with their bodies after childbirth.

According to Dr. Murphy, this method is gaining popularity due to the so-called women’s radio. If a woman has had abdominoplasty, and her appearance has made ​​an impression on her female friends, the other women will also go to the clinic. Moms do not want to hide their body under baggy clothes and feel embarrassed every time they go to the beach. They have learned that it is possible to have their antenatal proportions back.