7 Tips to Get Younger Looking Hands


Your hands can look younger if you stick to a few simple procedures, did you know that? Yes, life is full of surprises and that’s surely one of the nicest, when you have discovered how well it works! You may soon find you are proud to display your hands whenever you have a chance. Isn’t it cute to charm with your hands that look their best? Well, here you are.


1. Take olive oil baths

A lesson in handcare that came from Italy, olive oil, is good not only for cooking – actually it is an available and pleasant way to take age off your hands. Get a bottle and rub it into your hands – or, even better, work it all the way up to the elbow. You can be sure with Italian oils that they contain no preservatives and other chemicals, the surer if it is bottled in Italy. Probably the easiest and the most natural way to keep your hands smooth.

2. Wear cotton gloves in bed

Get your pharmacist to recommend you a moisturizing lotion and buy a pair of cotton gloves at the same time. Before you go to bed, give your hands a good massage and rub in some lotion. Since you will be wearing gloves, make it a thick layer to last all night long. Slip on the gloves and go to sleep to wake up with well-cared-for hands!

3. Don’t let your hands get too hot

Your hot bath gives you excellent relaxation, but that’s not quite what your hands want. Try and give them a more lukewarm treatment so they don’t dry out that much. Also, take care to use good soaps both for bath and for regular hand washing – it should be organic, moisturizing and residue-free.

4. Use rubber gloves for household work

Does it sound very outdated? Nevertheless, it’s a habit that had better be back in for those who want to save their hands from exposure to chemicals, dirt, water that is too hot. You don’t want to do a good day’s work and end up with bleached hands. Make sure you don’t go collecting all the filth upon your hands.

5. Manicures do good too

If you want to take good care of your hands, don’t miss out on your manicure, it’s a luxury that goes a long way. Besides the pleasure you experience when your hands are treated to a nice massage, moisturizer and paraffin wax (not forgetting the nail care) it makes your hands happy. You can’t allow it? Look up your local cosmetology school, you may find they offer significant discounts on manicure and pedicure for their students to get enough experience. Make manicure a regular feature at meetings with your friends. Also, some nail colors may look good but they don’t make your hands look younger, so choose your color judiciously.

6. There can’t be too much moisturizing

You think you have taken pains to get your hands well moisturized? Well, go one step further, then another one. Make use of all kinds of lotions and oils, get advice from your friends, your pharmacist, your beauty expert, learn about your skin type and what is best for it. Then go for it with redoubled vigor. Your hands will love more and deeper cleaning and moisturizing, and you will see how much difference it makes.

7. Control sun exposure

It’s beneficial for your hands to give them enough sun exposure to get age spots off and make skin healthier, yet you should control it carefully. When you go to the beach, mind you take a sunblock along and use it once you feel you’ve got a decent portion of natural vitamin D. Make regular use of it not only on the beach, but when you are outside in strong sunshine. Be wise enough to benefit from good and avoid harm.

It’s difficult to overestimate the boost to your confidence when you know that your hands look wonderful! Besides, it means you are taking care of your general health. Once you’ve made good use of these tips, go looking for more, and keep your hands in the best condition always.