4 Tips on How to Buy and Maintain a Hair Wig


Buying a wig is more complicated than you believe. You need to choose between different hair type, color, and style to make sure the end product fits you well. Moreover, the hair trim should fit your face shape. Following, we are giving you some tips to help you out!

Hair Type

You have two choices here, synthetic or human hair. Synthetic wigs are made from pre-set fibers which allow the wig to keep its style even after washing. Waves curls and volume set into strands and remain same throughout the life of the wig.

These are ideal for women who don’t want to fuss about having to style a hairpiece, and most synthetics wigs can be worn right out of the box. These offer ease but lack versatility thanks to pre-setting fibers. You can’t style these in different ways.

On the contrary, human hair wigs offer better customization and create a beautiful natural appearance. These wigs offer high versatility and can be colored. Just make sure you wash it frequently.


A benefit of wearing a wig is you have the chance to try something new. There are some cases when women choose a wig similar to their natural hair, but in most cases, women tend to choose a wig that differentiates from their natural look.

Wigs are made in a variety of lengths, style, colors, and cuts. Therefore the options are ever ending. You need to find the shade and style you look for. Don’t forget; skin tones do change during treatment. So, do a side by side comparison and don’t feel limited to buy only one, you may find backup options handy.


Synthetic wigs don’t offer customization as human hair wigs do. They are versatile and can be cut and colored according to your preferences. When you buy a wig, you need to make sure matches your style and you can customize it later.

Get details about the wig from your retailer. Make sure the hair in a wig is trimmed to suit your face shape. Find a professional stylist with previous experience of working with wigs and ask them to tailor your wig and give it a personalized look.

Keep It in Good Shape

Wigs are different from human hair, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for them. Lace front wigs from Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair needs to be taken care of a bit differently. Avoid over washing, and over-styling as it can ruin the wig. Don’t shampoo it every day.

There are no natural oils for wig hair, so only shampoo when you have worn the wig for long, and it has a dust buildup. When you shampoo the wig, don’t put it in sink and scrub. Now place it on your hand and let the water run over hair and gently squeeze it.

Don’t scrub or turn the wig upside down. This will tangle the hair and eventually ruin them. If you are going to shampoo, make sure you are using something that moisturizes the hair. This will help you keep the wig for a long time.