3 Exfoliation Rules


Makeup will look good only on a well-groomed girl. To make your image impeccable, and the skin smooth and silky, remember the simple rules of face cleansing.


1. Exfoliation Should be Done by Professionals

Namely by a dermatologist. In such a way you’ll protect yourself from improper exfoliation, which can then lead to bruises, scars, age spots, ulcers, etc. Remember that a true professional will never offer you to perform the procedure on the inflamed skin.

2. Don’t Exfoliate Yourself

Even beauticians do not exfoliate themselves. During this procedure, you risk to damage skin and provoke inflammation and severe disease. We advise to forget about squeezing pimples yourself, especially in the T-zone.

3. Don’t Plan Anything for the Day After Exfoliation

Usually after exfoliation, the skin becomes sensitive and red. It is therefore not advisable to plan anything for the next few days, because you will not look your best. After the procedure simply go home, make a cup of green tea and enjoy watching your favorite movie.