Strangest Celeb Diets


What celebs generally do – apart from displaying their various talents – is sport their enviable bodies: shapely waists, sculpted torsos, elegant legs. One is led to believe they are impeccable, and it’s next to impossible not to want to have bodies like theirs. But once we stop dreaming we realize that we see is the result of long hours of workouts in the gym aided and abetted by excellent personal trainers. When their new roles require losing pounds or gaining muscle, Hollywood celebs get to work at it like there’s no tomorrow. And when they sit down at the dinner table, there is professional nutritionists’ advice about what they should or shouldn’t eat.


This lifestyle is not without its dangers. Now and then we read people’s concern about a model or an actress dropping so much weight that she looks too skinny for words. Hollywood’s demand for physical perfection can be very pressing, aggravated by the fact that different people have different notions about the beauty of the body. Many celebrities are on a ceaseless lookout for new diets ready to pounce on anything which can take away a couple of pounds. It may be a pretty crazy diet, but so long as it delivers, people are in.

Come to think of it, there are many weird diets around – some of them cause eyebrow-raising and wonder how people could take up such silly schemes, but then we move on to think that there just may be something in it. Here are some of diet fads that are quite astounding, yet the names of their adherents may convince somebody that it is worth trying.

Kim Cattrall’s perricone method


The Perricone diet, which is sometimes referred to as the facelift diet, relies heavily on salmon. Basically, it’s a good idea, salmon being a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, especially DNA, and vitamin D; you do worlds of good to your nervous system, heart and brain. It helps keep vision clear and night’s rest sound. Why, then, it is included in this article?

Sex and the City’s star Kim Cattrall believes in jettisoning fats and sugar from her meals and staying healthy on the fish – which looks fine. Besides, the diet owes its name to Dr. Nick Perricone and therefore seems medically approved. Are those good grounds for settling with the diet? It depends on how you cook your salmon, mainly. Another thing is, eating a lot of fish can result in mercury poisoning.

Amanda Seyfried’s raw food method


If we considered dieting once, we certainly considered raw food, a diet including fruit and vegetables. Other foods that constitute raw food meals are nuts, seeds, herbs, some fish. Not much. The follower Amanda Seyfried thinks so too, when discussing it with Esquire five years ago she said staying slim was “intense” and “awful” if you go raw. She wasn’t happy eating only spinach and seeds.

Can it be called eating? Properly speaking, it’s nearer starving yourself, and you can hardly expect to feel pleasantly full any time. Still, Seyfried looks on it as part of her job – running, working out, keeping to a diet is what keeps you slim, and consequently, gives you roles, even if it’s “twisted,” as she has to admit.

Snooki’s cookie method


Raw food may sound all right, but not cookies! And yet, there is a cookie diet patented by another medico, Dr. Sanford Siegal, who advises taking cookies instead of common meals. Choose those which contain natural ingredients, get your daily dose of 1,300 calories, add some nutritional supplements and throw in specially designed shakes for drink. Some may love the idea.

One of those people is Snooki from the reality show Jersey Shore; she claimed a couple of years ago that she had dropped as many as 42 pounds with the help of this quaint diet. Doesn’t it sound like an ideal answer to staying thin?

Brooke Shields’ grapefruit method


Brooke Shields is supposed to know a thing or two about diets, so she may have good reasons to embrace this odd grapefruit diet. By it you get only 800 calories regularly. You must follow it for 12 days beginning each day with some juice and eggs for balance. The rest of the meals consist of (naturally) grapefruits, some vegetables and a little meat for better maintaining. Sugar, carbohydrates and any processed foods are strictly off bounds. Some snacks are also allowed, but with good measure.

Grapefruit with its enzymes is sure good for getting rid of that unwanted fat – so far it sounds just right. Nevertheless, it’s restrictive, dullish and too poor in protein and nutrients, one needs something a bit better balanced.

Steve Jobs’ fruitarian method


Apple’s founder Jobs wasn’t the one to invent this diet, but he is a known proponent of it. There were opinions that he fell prey of it, which were later repudiated. The diet itself is along the lines of that of Brooke Shields’, including mostly apples, pears, oranges, all kinds of fruit. You don’t eat anything else apart from a sprinkling of nuts and seeds for a change.

The fruit diet, conspicuously lacking calcium, zinc, protein, vitamin B and other nutrients, can help you dispose of a few pounds, but – according to a research conducted by experts from Columbia University’s Health Promotion Program – it is not balanced to be a noteworthy long-term scheme. It is even feared that children who feed on fruit only may get retarded in growth.

Nicole Kidman’s hardboiled eggs method


So, now we know that some people believe in taking nothing but grapefruits, cookies with natural ingredients, and salmon, intending thus to decrease their weight. All these diets, if the truth were told, do not sound very sensible. Nicole Kidman is the next actress who will add to this list with her funny fad of hardboiled eggs. Kidman is not known for her weight and size, but she had to go even slimmer for her role in Cold Mountain.

The situation required drastic measures, and Kidman resorted to breakfast, lunch and dinner each consisting of a single hardboiled egg – and nothing more. If she felt too hungry, she could make it two eggs, but not often. So, the USDA informs us that she got by on 234 calories per day and some days – on 312. Unless you have a definite offer from a Hollywood producer, better avoid such a diet.

Lady Gaga’s drunk method


What did you think when you read about all these restrictive diets? Do they sound crazy? Well, here is probably the craziest of them all, coming from no-one else but Lady Gaga. On some very creative day in her life she invented the drunk diet. What it actually comes to is drinking some whiskey in-between workouts. For most people yoga and alcohol do not go together well, but with Lady Gaga as we know her this consideration hardly cuts any ice.

This simple weight-loss idea can really belong to Luc Carl, her then-boyfriend – he got round to writing a manual on how to get slimmer by drinking, laying out complete instructions. The diet had at least one supporter, according to a report on – a fellow gave the scheme a week’s try, but somewhere along the way he lost the yoga part and concentrated on the whiskey part. This diet is not only crazy, it’s difficult!

Kirsten Dunst’s alkaline method


The alkaline diet seems to be a popular one among celebs – it is endorsed not only by Kirsten Dunst, but also by Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Rather overwhelming, is it not? Let’s get down to facts. In accordance with the name, you are supposed to monitor the body’s pH level so that you can arrange your meals to keep the level at around 7.35. You can do it by the simple expedient of a urine test.

Speaking of food, you steer clear of acidic stuff, which mostly limits the meals to pasta with vegetables, coffee, soda. They should constitute up to 30% of your daily intake, the rest devoted to alkaline foods (herbs, tofu, etc.). This diet received doctors’ support, it ought to be good for the heart and prevent bloating. The big question is whether you are up to regular check-up of your urine.

Megan Fox’s apple cider vinegar method


Discussing her system in the far-away year of 2010, Megan Fox recommended it as excellent for a complete clean-up of the body. She (and Miranda Kerr) advise you to take up the apple cider vinegar diet, but you will do well to think before you leap! Fox made a habit of downing a glass of vinegar before meals to strike what she deems to be the right note. Although the movie star used to say that she opposed the idea of dieting and exercising, she clearly moved on from that viewpoint, getting busy with the gym and the dieting.

While the cleansing idea sounds just fine, many of such diets aren’t really what they purport to be. Fox’s suggestions haven’t met with doctors’ approval. Vinegar, even if it tastes as nice as cider, remains but vinegar, making it a totally unexciting proposition.

Beyonce’s master cleanse method


As Beyonce set about losing her weight seriously in 2013, she employed a number of systems, some of them later related by a NY Magazine reporter. Having got rid of 10 pounds, the singer could attribute much of this success to the Master Cleanse diet, also known as the lemonade diet. What is rather pompously called “master cleanse” is achieved by mixing lemon juice and maple syrup with water. Oh yes, and you flavor the mixture with cayenne pepper. Having prepared the drink, be sure to take it 10 times during 10 days – or more.

Food? No food, if you want to go Masterly. What you rely on is this outlandish beverage which you can interlace with salty water – another peculiar taste in your mouth. Before you embark on drinking these, remember, that Beyonce herself confessed she didn’t find this scheme very attractive, and she must have understated to quite a degree.

Reese Witherspoon’s baby food method


Over and over again some women have to undertake the arduous task of dropping baby weight. Of course we know that celebs have a small team of professionals to help them along, so for Hollywood it is quite an ordinary occurrence when a new mother comes out looking just like she did before. It turns out that some of them owe the conversion to eating together with their little ones!

Also embraced by Jennifer Anniston (who shared baby food with no-one), this diet means that you stock up your larder at the baby aisles of stores and then sit down at a delicious meal. Does anyone really believe it will be delicious? At least you can try it for a while without endangering your body to any serious extent and then learn for yourself whether you would join in.

Madonna’s air method


Whatever diet your choice has fallen on, the foods increase calorie count, and you can’t have it otherwise. The ultimate solution will be to cut out all calories altogether and depend on the energy contained in the air. That’s what Madonna seems to do to stave off the onset of years – and she succeeds so far! She’s still stealing the show and means to win over younger and fresher singers.

This wonderful diet, though, doesn’t owe its existence to the stage veteran beauty. It hails from, can you guess it, France. Look at the air dish on your plate, toy around with it, spoon it up and open your mouth for all to see. You can even swallow – but: no calories. Sometimes a little water is allowed or some briny soup. This one can’t let you down.