Which Sports Do Celebrities Prefer?


Sports mean positive attitude, a cheerful spirit, good humor and a great figure. Many famous ladies choose “unfeminine” sports, while men prefer quiet practices. Let’s find which sports the celebrities prefer to be in good shape.


Motion is life! Even if you’re a star. Actress and top model Heidi Klum cannot imagine her life without skating. She always carefully selects stylish and comfortable clothing for skating. Another fashion connoisseur of sports is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

International stars keep the good old skiing in their mind as well. Skiing is admired even by the royal family of Prince William and Kate Middleton, its devoted fans. Singer Gwen Stefani is not only interested in skiing, but also nurtures the love of skiing in her little son, whom she often takes to ski resorts. Another of their hobbies is tubing or, to put it plain, riding on an inflatable sled.

But Pamela Anderson and Megan Fox prefer more extreme things – such as snowboarding.

Angelina Jolie’s love is kickboxing. It is considered to be a male sport, but the actress proves that one can remain feminine even practicing this sport.

Acting in the movie “Falling Down”, Jennifer Lopez mastered Krav Maga. This martial art can protect you in a street fight rather than on the sports ring, guaranteeing the possibility to resist robbers and hooligans. Jennifer Lopez fell in love with the sport because it allows you to feel more confident and strengthens the muscles of the whole body perfectly well – the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.

For Cameron Diaz, sports are a drug. She practices pilates, surfing, playing golf and riding a bike. For her, such loads are as natural as sleep and food.

Zac Efron, who became famous thanks to the musical role, considers himself a fan of sports recreation. Climbing is one of his passions.

Sting has been practicing yoga for many years. Once the musician liked aggressive workouts, but then his friend Dominic Miller persuaded him to try a few asanas, and Sting became interested in the new kind of sports. Although Sting was in perfect physical shape, running 8 kilometers and going to the gym, he could practice yoga for only half an hour during the first lesson, while his friend was just slightly sweating. It was a real blow to his ego, and now Sting spends at least two hours in the morning practicing yoga.