Sinead O'Connor Divorces from Husband of 18 Days


Barely three weeks elapsed after the marriage of Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge on December 8 in Las Vegas, but the new family has already hit the rocks. Herridge’s friends rocked the boat making O’Connor relax her hold of her beloved man – in the acceptation of the 45-year-old singer put forward on her website on Monday.

Sinead O'Connor to divorce Barry Herridge

The Lion and the Cobra artist wrote that she was putting an end to the marriage and had wanted to keep it secret, but got word that in spite of her attempts the story of her short marriage will be made public. “I must now leak it myself so as the record is straight,” O’Connor concludes.

The problem, according to O’Connor, lies in important people in Herridge’s life who turned dead against her on the grounds of what they had learned about her from the media.

These “certain people,” she wrote, “kyboshed” their marriage within several hours after the end of the ceremony. The pressure was aggravated by what O’Connor called “a bit of a wild ride” that she went on with her hubby in search of some weed she could smoke on her wedding night since she doesn’t drink. She admits that Herridge was seriously affected and hurt by the outlandish experience and it increased his doubts over what kind of life he could be leading with her. It was obvious that he had choices that weighed too heavy on his mind.

Since she was hardly able to be the joy of his life, O’Connor decided she might just as well let her man go. The singer expressed her regret that she wasn’t a regular kind of woman that would have suited him best and that she regards him as “a wonderful man” whom she loves a lot.

When they decided to get married, she adds, they didn’t give a thought to ramifications and consequences that would arise and the impact it would have on his and his nearest people’s lives. The realization of this made him horribly unhappy and O’Connor felt as if she were trapping him with a marriage that doesn’t suit him; therefore, she opted to be out of it all.

O’Connor has three previous marriages under her belt, one with music producer John Reynolds who is still working with her; the second was with journalist Nicholas Sommerlad and the third, lasting nine months until April this year, with friend and collaborator Steve Cooney. She is mother of four children.