Paris Hilton's New Pink Bentley


Paris Hilton in Her New Pink BentleyParis Hilton, one of today’s It Girls, decided to give herself a glitzy Christmas present. She bought herself a luxurious pink Bentley. However, she was seen driving a dark blue one just recently. It seems 27-years old blonde changes cars to match the color of her dresses. When she was seen having lunch with her mother at Ivy restaurant, L.A., Paris was wearing a blue dress and left in a blue car.

Paris Hilton splashed out $200 000 on her new pink Bentley Continental GT. The real price of this model that comes with 552-horsepower twin-turbo 6.0L W-12 engine is lower – $ 175 000. The rest of the sum – $25 000 – is what famous tuning company called West Coast Customs charged Paris to personalize it.

Paris Hilton's Pink Bentley

Paris Hilton in Pink Bentley

Paris Hilton Next to Her New Pink Bentley

West Coast Customs is personalizing cars of celebrities and famous athletes. They turn the coupe with 60 mph acceleration in less than 5 seconds into Barbie like car with pink-colored interior and exterior. Diamante-ornamented and with the owner’s initials… It seems Paris never heard of a financial mess.

Paris Hilton's Initials on Her New Pink Bentley

As you can see, the celebrity is happy with the present. And what Christmas present did you give to yourself?

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  1. Pink bentley is mockery!!! I would never give even Daewoo Matiz to such a mad woman. This barby-mobile is so ugly.

  2. I’d love to have such a car, it’s so glamourous, but soo expensive! This is exactly what a girl like Paris Hilton needs.

  3. So, Paris has only had 2 intimate partners – maybe she thinks that “intimate partner” means a pink Bentley and a blue Bentley?

  4. I would love any car that was painted pink, my fav color. What would you do if you had all the money you could spend? It’s easy to criticize, I’ll bet it wouldn’t be so easy to live a life that was above reproach under similar circumstances.

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