Nicola Roberts Named Sexiest Redhead Ever


Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts has recently been named Sexiest Redhead Ever. The voting was initiated by IMAX as part of the promotion campaign for Chasing Cotards movie that portrays a story of a man who’s desperately in love with a redhead.

Nicola Roberts

Nicola who’s been often blasted for her unusual appearance beat out celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman and Marcia Cross.

Prince Harry

Florence Welch

What’s interesting is that the runner-up was Prince Harry, the only man to reach the top ten.  Here is how the top ten looks:

  1. Nicola Roberts
  2. Prince Harry
  3. Florence Welch
  4. Lily Cole
  5. Queen Elizabeth I
  6. Geri Halliwell
  7. Nicole Kidman
  8. Julianne Moore
  9. Marcia Cross
  10. Lindsay Lohan

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