Naomi Campbell to Marry a Russian Oligarch


Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell is getting married. The top-model’s groom, Vladislav Doronin, a Russian businessman, has already ordered wedding outfits and rings for the event. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) will make the wedding dress for the bride, as for the wedding rings, however, the future husband entrusted this task with the Russian professionals.

One of the personnel from a famous Russian jewellery boutique noted that deciding on the wedding rings is a very difficult task that carries a lot of responsibility since a wedding ring is perhaps the only piece of jewellery which will accompany the newlyweds for the most of their life. He said that they have already been working for several months on the exclusive design for the couple and noted that the design must contain Russian theme in it. The wedding rings will be made with white and pink gold decorated with diamonds. Naomi and Vladislav will celebrate their wedding not in one particular country but rather in several instead; several thousands of friends will be invited to the wedding.

Naomi Campbell to Marry Russian Oligarch Vladislav Doronin

The happy bride-to-be announced that she wants to have a baby with Vladislav since she believes that he would make a perfect, caring, and attentive father. Naomi also confessed that she wants to become a mother as soon as this coming year.

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  1. Liana you’re so rude! Naomi earns enough to choose any man she wants to be with, no matter how much money he has. Celebrities can love, too.

  2. Maybe maybe, but not campbell. She’s a very hysteric woman. They won’t live together for long. Mark my words!

  3. I am happy for Naomi, she deserves a man who will love her and care for her – that is what she neded and she deserves that.

  4. It’s none of my business whether it lasts or not. They’re interested in each other right now. More power to them. Good luck and best wishes! He didn’t buy her. She’s attractive, he’s attractive, they just hooked up!

  5. I agreed with Liana ! Naomi would be more happier if she marrys to her same race so her child wont be suffer as a biracial. I have seen so many biracial people ….sad

  6. I wish them a very long and happy married life.any negative comments is from  jealous and hateful people and i only feel pity for such persons

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