Madonna's Creative Way to Revenge Herself upon Ex-Hubby


Madonna’s latest – strangely or not – harks back heavily to the pop star’s marriage to Guy Ritchie, and she means to have her say about it!

Music-wise, her 12th studio work, entitled MDNA, is a stream of inveterate synth-pop (to which she claims to be “addicted”) interspersed with electronic dubstep pieces which blare out full-force. Us Weekly gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars! Still, the lyrics add some to the punch – in a different fashion.

Madonna’s marriage to famous director, younger than her by 10 years, lasted 8 years before it disintegrated in 2008. The parting was far from amicable: the pressure ran so high that, when Madonna was ready to talk about it a year later to Rolling Stone, she called their relationship “challenging,” but added that it could have made her jump off a building!

Now she and Guy Ritchie have joint custody of their sons, the 11-year-old Rocco and 6-year-old David Banda, Malawi-adopted.

Though the singer seems happy with her boyfriend dancer Brahim Zaibat, 24, she goes back to her tumultuous marriage more than once, singing out her regret that she had no prenup and wondering if he would have married her if she were poor in the aptly titled Love Spent.

Well, she certainly made her point!