Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail Really Fast


Lindsay Lohan, sentenced to doing a month in jail for violating probation in two cases concerning DUI and necklace-theft, checked in last week at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif.

Lindsay Lohan released from jail

But the 25-year-old actress’s month in jail dwindled miraculously to under five hours’ stretch as she was released early Monday morning after being taken in Sunday at 9pm.

The information was officially confirmed by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Moore telling PEOPLE that the actress had already been released. Although Moore refused to expand, the reason for letting Lohan out had already been given by the spokesman for the Department, who said that chances were Lohan would be out soon under a federal mandate. Overcrowded jails are habitually eased up by letting nonviolent offenders out before they have completed serving their sentences, even if they served a short stretch.

Still, Lohan remains on an extremely shaky ground, what with her having to complete by the end of March 53 days of janitorial work at the L.A. morgue and 18 psychotherapy sessions – some duty! Should she fail, she would be in for extra 270 days in jail – which, of course, can be found overpopulated again?

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