John Mayer is Desperate for Jennifer Aniston


John Mayer and Jennifer AnistonAmerican tabloid In Touch says John Mayer is desperate after he parted with Jennifer Aniston and that he wants her back. John was so active and now he is dragging himself to the gym. A friend of Mayer’s says the musician is still down after the breakup and Miami show was a wrenching experience for him as it was where they spent their first vacation with Jen.

It sounds funny if you recall how Mayer was necking with a waitress after Miami show and his latest confession about his leading role in the split with Jen.

John Mayer

We don’t know much about Jennifer Aniston’s private life, though. Latest news is she and Gerald Butler, 38, felt “mutual sympathy” at Toronto film festival. Jennifer‘s busy giving positive interviews and looks much happier than Mayer. It feels like it was she who initiated the breakup.

Gerald Butler

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  1. I want Gerard Butler for Jennifer Aniston. They match each other and They have similarity. GOOD LUCK, Jen. I think Gerard is a better man than Brad Pitt. Pitt is very weak person and just rely to Jolie. He cannot decide for himself. He is a puppet and always in trouble because his mind is not stable, easily convinced by devil.

  2. hope jen and john be together again. Gerard is just a friend and maybe they should do a film together

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