Jessica Simpson Getting Married


Jessica Simpson has constantly been at the center of media attention. Now she has given a new reason to talk about her. According to the rumors, the star will get married in late December.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Eric Johnson got engaged in November 2010, but the wedding has been postponed many times. It was prevented by the birth of her daughter Drew Maxwell. Now it is rumored that the star is in a family way again. Well, it’s high time she legalized the relationship.

The insiders say that Jessica and Eric have decided to arrange a party in Hawaii, only for their dearest and nearest people. While sending out invitations, the couple was mysteriously silent about the reason for partying. According to a source of information, nobody knows exactly what they are planning. But family members suspect that they have decided to get married. Jessica and Eric wanted to get married before the end of the year, and they may succeed in doing so. Jessica is dreaming of a quiet ceremony with the closest relatives.

The secret party is scheduled for December 21. So we do not have to wait for a long time to see if the dream of Jessica, Eric and their relatives about the wedding will come true.