Jersey Shore Guys Not That Sexy


It may be all sunshine and roses on the screen, but when it comes to harsh reality the Jersey Shore fellas have been found to cut much less ice. A new survey commissioned by Wet, the world leader in intimacy products, showed that 80 per cent of the people polled wouldn’t choose a guy from Jersey Shore for a bedmate.

Jersey Shore guys

60 per cent, when asked how they would feel if they were to introduce a guido from the MTV reality series into their circle as an intimate friend, shuddered at the idea.

And very few people seem not to mind the way the Jersey Shore roommates treat one another, especially the guys’ attitude to women.

MikeThe SituationSorrentino may somehow improve the situation by his appearance on Dancing with the Stars, are the others interested in doing that too?

Source of the image: Imbringingbloggingback.