How Kelly Preston Lost a Lot of Pregnancy Weight


Kelly Preston had hardly expected that the loss of her pregnancy weight would be so simple a matter last year when she was carrying her child, to be born son Benjamin Travolta. Pregnancy at 48, she said when talking to PEOPLE, could be fraught with your body playing up and refuse to go back to normal weight.

Kelly Preston lost weight after pregnancy

Actually, she needn’t have worried. She said good-bye to 39 lbs during the ensuing year and it took her to a new life where she weighs even less than she did before her pregnancy – and feels as energetic as she had not felt for many years past.

“I feel amazing,” says Preston adding that she can hardly believe she is heading straight for 50 – for it feels to her as though she were back to her 30s!

What’s the secret behind her new-found vitality? Of course she’s into tennis and a lively boy also helps stay slim, but there’s more to it… Preston puts down a big chunk of her success to her and John Travolta’s friend Kirstie Alley’s weight control program known as the Organic Liaison. Alley proved its worth by shedding 100 lbs during the summer!

The Organic Liaison website says that the program involves a diet based on an organic supplement system that deals with cravings and stimulates the natural energy of the body. Preston found the weight loss method worked out by her friend so exciting and efficacious that she volunteered to act as a spokeswoman for the system. She claims it is “pretty much the most genius thing ever.”

Meanwhile little Benjamin Travolta had his first birthday celebrated, and the happy mother gushes that all these wonders in her life haven’t sunk in properly yet.