How Did Christina Aguilera Lose 80 Lb?


Not long ago, Christina Aguilera (32) kept saying she was okay with plump shapes, and she was not going to get rid of them. However, the actress changed her mind. The singer managed not only to restore her previous seductive curves, but she began to look even better and fresher.


The Voice judge obtained astonishing results in less than a year. This is what gave rise to the rumors of how Aguilera lost almost 80 lb so quickly.

A number of media sources suggest that the celebrity did laparoscopic gastric banding (one of the surgical ways of obesity treatment; it is a sparing operation aimed at the creation of the so-called small stomach to systematically limit the amount of food consumed). But then, many Internet users did not agree with this version, arguing that Christina didn’t get so obese for doctors to approve of the operation.


In addition, there are suggestions that Aguilera lost the extra pounds due to dieting, but then she still turned to plastic surgery to make her shapes even more perfect. This opinion is shared by a nutritionist, Dr. Pescatore:

“The only surgery she may have had is a breast lift because if you notice, they reduced in size perfectly which could happen but is unlikely”.


A plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills Dr. Lance Wyatt also believes that plastic surgery has taken place, but at the same time he does not deny that Aguilera could have achieved such amazing results herself.

He argues that patients can lose 37 pounds or even more in just 10 months by dieting severely, exercising, taking diet pills, or due to surgery. It seems that Christina has undergone a liposuction. Her face also looks a lot thinner and better, these results can be achieved both naturally and surgically.


Who knows, maybe these assumptions are true, but only Aguilera herself knows the truth. However, the singer now looks phenomenal.