Gwen Stefani's Trainer Reveals Her Workout Secrets


Gwen Stefani is 43 years old. However, it is hard to believe this fact, looking at her pictures. When we see her slim body and her iron abdominal muscles, it is simply impossible to imagine. One can just feel envy for her. Or follow her example. Especially after the star’s former fitness trainer Mike Heatlie shared the secrets of Gwen’s excellent shape.

Gwen Stefani blond hair

On the mode of workouts:

Mike Heatlie recommends a combination of a high-intensity workout with weights and cardio load. His clients do four or five exercises with weights without any rest between sets, followed by one to three minutes of cardio exercises. For example, 20 reps of full squats with a barbell, 12 reps for the abdominal muscles, 20 barbell lunges, 15 reps of exercises for the chest and three minutes of riding a stationary bike at a fast pace. These exercises can be repeated three or four times, and then one proceeds to less intense exercises.

On how much you have to train in order to achieve the desired results:

It depends on the desire, discipline and determination. Mike Heatlie recommends training for 60-75 minutes several times a week. The main thing is not how much exercise to have, but how to do it. The quality and intensity of workouts are really important.

Gwen Stefani

On a diet:

The role of an effective diet in the success of weight loss is about 75-90 percent. The best diet for fat burning and weight loss is a low-carbohydrate diet. One needs to reduce the consumption of bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice. And of course, one should eat less sugar and fast food. It is difficult to manage without carbohydrate products for a long time, so is allowed to alternate the days of strict diet with the days of light diet.

On the biggest problem in reaching the goals:

The biggest problem that makes people gain weight is ready meals. It is very difficult to constantly monitor all the food and products that are sold – their calorie content, composition and size of the portions. That is why the trainer encourages everyone to try to be organized and cook their food by themselves as often as possible, instead of eating ready meals. Of course, it is difficult: diet and exercise are easy only to talk about, while in practice you will be able to test your will power.

As you can see, the trainer’s tips contain simple ideas, but the example of Gwen Stefani proves that they really work.